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Republican Candidate for the 120th
Legislative District of Pennsylvania

The voting records of our Republican incumbents indicate a more Progressive approach and departure from the traditional Conservative values of their Republican base. Our current and past representatives’ have voted in concert with Democrats on major issues that support bigger and more intrusive government, while restraining our individual liberties. They have become left of moderate while abandoning their Conservative principles. Our community is built on these
principles that have withstood the test of time – values such as fiscal responsibility, limited government, and a strong belief in the power of individual liberties. These principles will guide my decision-making as your representative, and I am dedicated to upholding them to the best of my abilities.
I will be in the forefront of the effort to protect our school age children from the
organized diversion from our traditional schooling. By replacing the emphasis on the basic study of reading, science, and math with a social engineering ideology, reeducating our children away from traditional values that we as parents expect from our schools, they have in essence spearheaded the attack on Parental Rights in our community and beyond.

I understand the concerns and aspirations that matter most to our conservative constituency. Whether it is promoting a pro-business environment, safeguarding our constitutional rights, I remain steadfast in my commitment to advancing goals that resonate with our shared values.

These Goals include:

Protect the First and Second Amendments.

Advocate for Parental Rights and School Choice

Advocate for School

and Property Tax Reform

Election Integrity (mail- in ballot chain of custody)

Term Limits

Rain Tax Elimination

Small Business Development and Protection

Reduce Government Growth and Spending

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